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Legacy Raven

This is Raven, the University of Cambridge's central web authentication service. Web-based services use Raven when they need to know who in the University is using them.

University Information Service's Raven documentation contains more information about Raven (including information on how to get a Raven account). Requests for support on Raven should be addressed to the UIS Service Desk.


Always log out after using a Raven-authenticated site, to prevent others from accessing your personal information and visiting web sites using your identity. The best way of doing this is to completely exit your browser.

If for any reason you can't exit your browser you should first log-out of all personalised sites that you have accessed and then explicitly logout from Raven.

Changing your password

You can change the password you use to login to Raven from the Raven Password Management application.

If Raven isn't recognising your user id or password, then see How do I change my password for Raven, Hermes and Desktop Services?.

Raven account options

You can manage how your Raven account works from the account management page.


You will be automatically offered the opportunity to log-in to Raven when necessary. If you really want to, you can explicitly login to Raven.

Login status

You can check your current login status.

Server administration

Authorised users can access the administration interface.

Information for webmasters

Information about using Raven to protect web servers and web applications, can be found on the Raven Documentation pages.

The central Raven server processes personal data and uses cookies in accordance with the Privacy and Cookie policies.