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Legacy Raven


What is Raven? Why am I seeing these pages?

Raven is a service used by some web sites to identify people from the University so that access decisions (such as granting or denying access) can be made based on who that person is and other information about them. You are automatically directed to the Raven server when a web site needs to find out who you are.

Raven accounts are managed by University Information Services (UIS). See help on Raven accounts for what to do if you don't have a Raven account or if it doesn't appear to work. If all else fails, problems with the Raven service should be referred to the UIS Service Desk.

Even if you have a working Raven account, you won't automatically be able to access every Raven-protected web site since many sites are only available to particular groups of people. If your Raven account works in general but you are having difficulty accessing a particular Raven-protected resource than you should contact that resource's operator or help desk for advice - see Why can I access some Raven-protected web sites but not others? for more information.

Once you have identified yourself to Raven you should remember to completely exit your Web browser before you leave it, or to reboot the computer you are using. This is the best way to prevent others from accessing your personal information and visiting Web sites using your identity. If for any reason you can't exit your browser you should first log-out of all personalised sites that you have accessed and then explicitly logout from Raven using the logout link on the Raven front page.

By default, Raven will remember who you are once you have identified yourself during a browser session, so that you can be identified to further sites without having to enter your user-id or password again. However (again by default) Raven won't identify you to new sites without your approval. This behaviour can be altered, either for a single session login or as a default for future sessions (see help on login options for more information on this). To remember you, Raven uses a cookie - the information that it contains is only returned to the Raven servers and is automatically deleted when you quit your browser.